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Our Mission

Sapient Machines fills a market gap for customers in the commercial and government sectors. We enable customers to leverage new data driven insights underpinned by the observation, detection and analysis of information in the end-user’s operational environments in order to achieve superior outcomes.


We are bred from a culture of agile innovation and anchored by the heritage of success in our areas of focus. Sapient Machines was formed based on the belief that commercial off-the-shelf technologies can offer government customers differentiated and cost-efficient new approaches to growing national security challenges. Part of our team has spent many years serving the most discerning U.S. government customers in a wide array of missions. The other part our team has served customers in the private sector providing technology enabled solutions to corporate challenges.

The Sapient Machines team is a unique combination of private and public sector operating, transaction and technology expertise. With decades of experience, we bring a differentiated perspective on end market requirements and business opportunities.

We employ an active approach to value creation and constantly evaluate and execute strategic levers that drive transformational growth. Our extensive networks globally and access to senior decision makers, help advance our mission.



If you are a business or an organization interested in learning about Sapient Machines, please get in touch.

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